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Advanced UNIX
This course introduces UNIX advanced tools and utilities. It is designed to provide existing UNIX users with hands on experience in SED, NAWK and SCCS. The course also revises selected topics from our Introductory UNIX course.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use the non-interactive editor SED
  • Use the pattern scanning and processing language NAWK
  • Write complex Korn shell scripts
  • Understand the concepts of SCCS
  • Identify the super user privileges and restrictions

The course is delivered in five days and covers ...

  • Common Utilities
  • Regular Expressions
  • SED
  • NAWK
  • Source Code Control System (SCCS)
  • Make
  • Advanced Korn Shell Programming
  • The Super user
  • Signals & Process Control
  • Selected revision topics from Introductory UNIX

The course sessions are run on an interactive basis. The instructor initiates participants into the subject matter and participants gather knowledge and experience by almost continuous practical "hands-on" work.

Participants should be computer literate. Previous knowledge of UNIX is assumed.





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