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Introductory UNIX

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to some essential commands and utilities in UNIX. It is designed to provide new users with hands on experience in using UNIX. The course covers the UNIX structure, commands, utilities, and the KORN shell.

On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Find their way around the UNIX file system
  • Use the visual editor (vi)
  • Write basic Korn shell scripts
  • Use the UNIX printer facilities
  • Use the available documentation

The course is delivered in five days and covers ...

  • What is UNIX - a brief introduction and history
  • Logging on to the UNIX host
  • Using the Keyboard (some useful hints)
  • Simplified structure and file store
  • Command format
  • Using the manual
  • Some useful commands (cat, lp, pg, passwd )
  • The File System File Permissions
  • Process Control
  • Shell Specialties
  • vi - The Visual Editor
  • Korn Shell Programming

The course sessions are run on an interactive basis. The instructor initiates participants into the subject matter and participants gather knowledge and experience by almost continuous practical "hands-on" work.

Participants should be computer literate. No previous knowledge of UNIX is assumed.





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